We believe that God is calling those who call this church their home to participate in raising $1.5 million towards this endeavor. We also seek to raise additional funds from CCC alumni as well as those in our community who appreciate the value of our church. 

With an estimated overall cost of $3,000,000 we know that any endeavor of this nature is way beyond our reach. This is why we dare to imagine more, believing that our God is alive and will work in people’s hearts to fulfill this amazing dream. 

We recognize that in order to build a permanent church home, many partners will be needed who will make a commitment that is “over and above” their regular giving if we are ever to see a home for generations to come. We have broken down this need over a two-year pledge that shows what will be needed to achieve our goal.

As you pray about how God would ask you to give during this time, use this gift chart as a tool. Allow it to inspire and challenge you towards greater generosity as we