Our team has now spent the past 5 years planning and dreaming what this home looks like. Having a permanent home means more time to impact people. It means taking off the limitations for gathering, praying, worshipping and growing. It means having a consistent environment of hope for us to belong, be made whole and meet Jesus. A permanent home provides us with opportunities to live-stream our services and reach people beyond this valley with omni-channel, media opportunities. Our new home will also be a training center for children, youth and adults.

We want to establish a home for God to dwell. We want to have a home base that can be used daily for ministry. And even though buildings are important for stability and growth, such plans represent changed lives.

We have been renting our Sunday morning facilities at Diablo View Middle School for 23 years. Each week, a faithful team begins setting up our church at 6:00am, and then stays until 1:00pm to take it all down. We pay over $60,000 a year in rent and could be evicted by the school district with only 30 days notice. 

To imagine the “more” that God has for us will require more from us in our faith, in our funding of this incredible dream and in taking the next steps to make this dream a reality. We are asking everyone who calls CCC their home to pray and ask God how He wants us each to be involved in this journey. We have been looking for a permanent church home since 2006 and when we obtained our latest property in 2013, we knew we finally had a home on which to build.